Kindness Week

Throughout the school year, the Human Kindness Project supports teachers with kindness lesson plans and runs local projects to help children build resiliency and develop a voice in civic leadership. The culmination of these activities is Kindness Week, a weeklong series of activities and projects that empower students through deliberate acts of kindness, bring families, schools and communities together and improve the well-being of all citizens.

In 2018, the fifth annual Kindness Week will expand outside of Toronto, across Ontario, additional kindness curriculum will be available for teachers in both English and French and new programs will be introduced to further promote the culture of kindness.

Kindness Week will also support existing non-profits that work to improve a student's life including, healthy food programs, literacy programs and resiliency-building projects.

Special programs will also be held in priority neighbourhoods, working to build stronger bridges between students and their local communities. 

If you support spreading kindness, we encourage you to sign up and let us know how you will take part this year. The smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. 

Congratulations on such a successful project! I’m sure this initiative paves the way for continuing acts of kindness!
— Steve and Marlene, Brampton