Why Take Part in the Kindness Movement?

Students who perform acts of kindness inspire kindness among their peers. The Human Kindness Project empowers children and youth to use deliberate acts of kindness to combat bullying, isolation and stress and increase social inclusion, relationship building and resilience.

The flagship program, Kindness Week, provides teachers and students the opportunity to demonstrate kindness. Building on the strength of 17,000 students who have participated across the Greater Toronto Area, the Human Kindness Project is now looking to expand its programs from coast to coast to coast.

The Human Kindness Project offers a growing array of programs:

  • Kindness Week: The week supports student-led “deliberate acts of kindness” that develop positive social skills, compassion, resiliency, and leadership.

  • Curriculum Development: Lesson plans for grades K-12 that focus on kindness and character strength development. Additional teaching tools are currently being designed.

  • Self-Acceptance Workshop: A half day workshop suitable for teachers, staff or senior high school students.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: What kind are you? Throughout the year, we help school groups organize volunteer projects that help their local communities.

  • Kindness In Art: The ArtShare program encourages students of all ages to submit kindness-themed art for an annual competition. Professional artists judge solely on the merit of the art.


In 2014, The Human Kindness Project, in partnership with the TDSB and Toronto City Council, ran the first annual GTA-wide Kindness Week. 3,000 students across the city designed “deliberate acts of kindness” and performed them locally with support from The Human Kindness Project team, Principals, and Teachers. From 2015 to 2017, over 14,000 students participated. Lesson plans, Kindness Assemblies, Kindness Clubs, a Kindness Playbook and ArtShare bursaries are all resource options available to schools and youth groups.

The Human Kindness Project plans to take these programs across Canada and strengthen our national culture of kindness with student-led activities.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will increase their knowledge of the positive impacts of kindness to themselves and those around them

  • Students will experience how giving to others leads to improved compassion by clothing others in a coat of kindness.

  • Students will develop skills that help build social skills, compassion, resiliency, and leadership.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson