Why Kindness?


Did you Know?...

1 in 3 adolescent students in Canada are bullied (1).

1 in 2 Canadian parents report having a child who is a victim of bullying (2).

1 in 2 students are victims of school-based theft.


A few years ago we read the research that suggests that bullying, student isolation and stress are at almost epidemic levels in our school systems. We were interested in Positive Psychology and its focus on character development as a way to combat some of society’s ills. In particular we focused on the character strength of kindness as a tool to help build stronger communities.

At the same time, we had personal experience with our children being persistently bullied and suffering psychological damage as a result of their school and community environments.

We felt compelled to provide a kind, thriving community environment for all Canadians. We know that ultimately, students who perform acts of kindness inspire greater kindness among their peers (3).

And so the Human Kindness Project was born.


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Kindness can really ripple! I believe that the Human Kindness Project will significantly impact the health and happiness of thousands of youth. Keep up the amazing work!
— Chris Bratseth, author of Call to Arms and Cool To Be Kind